Emma Corry

If not now, when?

Emma Corry


If not now, when?

If you've been feeling overwhelmed, and 2020's rollercoaster has taken a toll, I can help you.
Maybe you've even noticed unfamiliar fear, worry, or unease? Prolonged stress is a common trigger for feelings of anxiety which, over time, can have a knock-on effect on your health.
Whether it's due to the demands of working from home, juggling homeschooling, or not being as active as you'd like, I can guide you to take positive action to control your thinking and boost your wellbeing.

The whole person

Anything that goes on in your mind also affects your body and the way it functions - muscle aches, teeth grinding and tension headaches are obvious examples. As an NLP Coach and Osteopath, I am experienced in helping people to make sense of changes in their mind and body, in relation to what's going on in the world around them.

With awareness comes relief.

I also have a special interest in Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain.


Certified NLP Practitioner

Certifies Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Certified NLP Coach

MA Experimental Psychology (Oxon)

MOst (Master of Osteopathy)


Board Accreditation


    • Master Practitioner of NLP
    • Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®
    • Certified NLP Coach
    • Certified acupuncturist


Emma offers a FREE 20 minute DISCOVERY CALL via zoom.

Online NLP coaching sessions :

60 Minute Coding Session = £125

NLP has an immediate impact and in most cases, just 3 sessions are needed for breakthrough results.

What others say

  • "Emma was recommended to me by a friend so I went to see her without any expectation really. Emma welcomed me warmly, listened while I tried to explain what I needed, and responded intuitively and professionally. Emma's holistic approach to my session was skilled and professional and full of compassion and kindness. After a session with Emma I felt physically better and emotionally more balanced... I felt like... I had more space in my body... I felt better able to stay well.. I felt more relaxed and able to get on with everyday life. Emma's intuitive and responsive approach to my sessions meant I saw improvements immediately."
    (PD, London).
  • "Emma is very professional and knowledgeable, using a wide range of techniques to resolve issues. Every session with Emma has made a big difference. I have full confidence in Emma and find her easy to talk to. She has a lovely way about her that quickly made me feel at ease."
    (JH, London)
  • "Emma is calm, sensitive and has a very person-centered, holistic focus. She is a very competent, supportive and positive person with techniques that not only heal and help physical symptoms but enable the mind, body and soul to respond. When I leave my hour session, I always feel lifted both physically and emotionally."
    (JM, London)
  • "WOW! I am a very experienced Neural Coder™ and I was incredibly impressed with Emma's command of these modalities. I was immediately put at ease with her warm and encouraging nature, I came with a big problem and I knew I wanted results fast and that is exactly what I got. Emma spoke eloquently to my Unconscious Mind and headed straight for the root cause, it was excellent. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough and if you want change fast, book before there is no space left in her diary!"
    Sarah Foo-Ryland, Director at Your Life Live It