What is the history of NLP?

Many of the concepts of NLP are not new. The founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, together in the 1970’s they studied several outstanding therapists who demonstrated excellence in facilitating change with individuals and families, including:

  • Milton Eriksson who is famous for his hypnotic language and story telling
  • Virginia Satir, known for her ground-breaking work in family therapy
  • Fritz Perls, who founded the concept of Gestalt Therapy

In the process of doing this they discovered powerful strategies for building rapport, influencing change and consolidating those changes in lasting ways.

Richard Bandler explains in his words what NLP is.

In the 1980's Tad James developed Time Line Therapy® as an adjunct to NLP processes and this is usually taught as part of NLP practitioner skills.

How is NLP used?

Probably because of the initial work of Bandler and Grinder, early on NLP was associated primarily with therapeutic work. It is now used in many areas including coaching, sales training, leadership development, management, communication, negotiating, cultural awareness, teambuilding and personal development programmes. It is used to train people in sports, medicine, the arts and beyond, with a view to maximising people's effectiveness. NLP has an infinite array of uses

Who is behind NLP?

NLP was founded in the '70s by a mathematician Richard Bandler and a linguist, John Grinder in Santa Cruz, California - they were curious. 

They asked " What is it that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent at any given skill, and somebody who excels at the same skill? "

So they modelled three experts; Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson, each pioneers and experts in their fields. They studied their physiology, their thought process and the structure of the language they used. 

When taught to others, they were astonished by the results. Students were achieving the same results much, much quicker. There was no need to study for years, this was better and evolutionary.

Life Coaching, Counsellor or NLP?

We are not Counsellors.

  • We recode neurology; it is fast and it lasts.
  • Outcome driven.
  • We focus on outcomes (goal-focused coaching or solution-focused therapy) for every session.
  • Changes are created at an unconscious level which is why change is so powerful, quick and long lasting. How? It’s simple really, because all change and learning happens at an unconscious level. Let’s put it this way, the unconscious mind can process 2 million things per second as opposed to the conscious which can process between 5-7. Pretty cool isn’t it.
  • The techniques are gentle and easy and importantly elicit change quickly.

How does NLP Neural Coding work?

Professional NLP Neural Coders are trained to listen and observe, they customise their professional approach to the individual client’s needs, eliciting strategies and solutions from the client. NLP Neural Coders are also trained to use various specific tools to help accelerate their client's usual life process. While NLP Neural Coders provide feedback and an objective perspective, it is the client who is responsible for taking the steps needed to produce the results they desire most. More importantly its super easy and very quick!

What kind of tools do we use?

Why not just talk to a family member or friend? NLP Neural Coders are trained to listen on a completely different, unconscious level. They are using specific NLP tools and techniques designed to move you ahead purposefully. Coaches are also trained to ask powerful questions and have the ability to communicate with your unconscious mind ensuring that you move from your unwanted state to living a full, complete and awesome life. 

Who hires an NLP Neural Coder?

Anyone who wants to take control of their life, who is committed and passionate about becoming the very best version of themselves. People who realise that life is not a dress rehearsal, and want to make the most of their everyday experiences. People who want to create change at a deep unconscious level and live a more fulfilled life of their choosing. Don't hire a NLP Neural Coder if you want someone to advise, counsel, or fix you. A NLP Neural Coder will only work with people who are committed to change and need guidance in how to get there.

What if I feel a little uncomfortable contacting you?

You are in good company. It's always a little difficult to start something new particularly something so personal and important.

The feedback we all hear from clients is that people feel immediately at ease when they talk to us and realise that they are just another human being - this can be the most important step towards the life that you want.

We believe that people do the best with the resources that they have available to them at that time, there is no judgement.

How do I go about learning NLP?

Become an NLP Practitioner or in our world the ‘Ultimate Coach Certification.’

Anyone can learn NLP and people often attend NLP practitioner programmes to learn skills for themselves to use in their work, relationships, spiritual journey’s and more. Many become Coaches and set up their own business or they join us as an NLP Neural Coder (Coach) with Your Life Live It.

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development UK) says that people attending NLP programmes regularly comment on:

  • an increased sense of well-being
  • success in their ability to influence themselves and others in the way that they want
  • improved relationships
  • success in their work
  • a realisation of their true calling
  • greater self-reliance and confidence     

Do you want to turbo boost your life or become a Coach?

By achieving your NLP Ultimate Transformational Certification, you will take a major leap in your own development and the development of others. Your outstanding level of knowledge and skills will open so many new doors for you and you may even find yourself going in new directions, which you never considered or even thought were possible, until now.

Qualified NLP Practitioners are some of the most sought after skilled people in the world today. Their skills afford them the opportunity to become incredibly resourceful individuals with a passion for developing their own business and personal lives and also the lives of others.

We qualify you to the highest standard as an International NLP Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis.

How would it be for you, knowing you have been trained by a registered, experienced and fully qualified NLP Trainer; have received an internationally recognised certification in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis and become a member of one of the largest NLP professional bodies in the world?

Your NLP Practitioner training aligns with the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and will therefore hold its weight of having worldwide recognition.

You will of course include your qualification on your business cards, website, letter head, curriculum vitae (resume) and show everyone that you're open for business!

Please go to courses to find out more.

How will NLP help my business?

NLP is used expansively in sales training, leadership development, management, communication, team building and personal development programmes. Again, the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development UK) says it is possible to model any of the following:

  • the ability to connect immediately with customers
  • the charisma of an inspiring business leader
  • the ability to create a compelling vision
  • the capacity to maintain motivation towards a goal
  • a state of congruence and truth
  • an ability to resolve situations of conflict
  • the skill of coaching people to achieve their best performance

Can I learn NLP from a Book?

There are some very good books on NLP available and it really depends on your style of learning as to whether you will be able to pick up some skills and use them in your life. Ultimately, it is best that you go ahead and attend training if you are serious about learning NLP skills, as learning only really occurs when you can actually experience something fully. It also ensures you are supported with feedback and guidance from experienced practitioners who can help you develop skills the right way the first time. Choose a training provider carefully and you will be thrilled with the experience.

If you want to experience NLP in your home then buy Dr Amanda's book and you will be on your way.

What proof is there that NLP works?

Perhaps the best way to decide if NLP works is to read about or experience how it works in specific situations that interest you. There are thousands of stories of success with NLP, in all areas of life. 'Your Life Live It' has lots of business,training and client raves.

Health care: A one year study in 1994 with the approval of the Department of Health in Denmark studied the results of NLP methods to reverse the physical effects of asthma.

Counselling: Medical doctor David Muss reported in the British Journal of Counselling Psychology the effectiveness of NLP in treating phobias and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. In 1998 NLP Trainer Dr Richard Bolstad worked in Sarajevo to bring an end to the suffering of survivors of the war using NLP techniques.

Self Development: In 1990 and 1992, Psychological Reports magazine published research on the effects of NLP training, showing that those attending increased a sense of being in control of their lives, reduced anxiety and demonstrated higher self actualisation. Read the 'Your Life Live It' client raves.

Sales and Management: A 1981 study at the University of Oregon examined highly successful sales people and found that their success was based on their use of precise language patters codified in NLP. Scott DeGarmo, editor-in-chief of Success Magazine says of NLP “I have never seen a more powerful technology.” 

Sports: Ian Woosman MBE, world Number 1 Ranking Golfer in 1991 says simply “NLP helped my game. It will help yours too.” The number of sports people using NLP is perhaps greater than in any other field due to the nature of the game that coming first is what matters. 

Steve Gurney, Top New Zealand Multi-Sporter and Triathlete says of his work with Richard Bolstad, " A big thanks for the NLP work we did before the Coast to Coast race. It totally turned my thinking around 180 degrees to a resolved and determined attitude. Race day was incredibly enjoyable and was just a breeze."