Find A Neural Coder®

  • Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland

    Founder of Your Life Live It

    Hello hello, I am Amanda, I love what I do, helping 1000's of people to live a life that is passionate and full.

    I created Your Life live It, so that you can find the coach that is right for you, to make the changes you want to quickly and easily, with results that last for life. We are the NLP experts and all our Coaches are Board Approved and trained to the highest standards in Coaching.

  • Sarah Foo-Ryland

    The Neural Coder®

    Neural Coding™ is simple, fast, unbelievably effective and it lasts.  This is not counselling, this is not therapy, I am all about results not reasons. Delete unwanted negative behavioural patterns in record time, this is habit hacking at it’s finest. It is as simple as deleting an app from your device and only takes three steps

    1. Identify the problem 2. Delete the problem 3. Install the Solution

  • Rebecca Cousins
    United Kingdom

    The Kids Coach

    Hi there, I am Bec and I am here to help you with your parenting skills plus help your child eliminate anger, anxiety and negative thoughts and patterns from their life. 

    Although I specialise in these areas, I am dedicated to help all who come to Your Life Live It. Together we can make the change.

  • Sharron Beardsley
    New Zealand

    Thrive to be the best

    Are you ready to shift from surviving to thriving being the best version of yourself you can be? 

    Sharron is based in Canterbury, New Zealand and is super passionate about empowering others. With over 20 years corporate experience in human development.

  • Tony Yuile

    Gain lasting relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    Hello, I'm Tony clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and founder of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Hypnotherapy NZ. I live in Wellington, New Zealand, and work with clients from across the world via Zoom.

    I specialise in helping people suffering with IBS, gain significant, long-lasting symptom relief.

  • Ros Gellatly
    New Zealand


    What would you need to do differently to move towards what you want in your life? 

    If you are ready to make change for the better, this approach can help. 
    Get free of patterns that do not serve you.

  • Denise Saunders
    United Kingdom

    Moving to solution fast!

    Denise is a certified NLP Coach with extensive experience as a Registered Midwife and as a Teacher in Secondary Education.

    “I can personally testify that NLP and Time Line Therapy can move you straight to the solution to make transformational life change, fast.  

    You just have to take that first step….

  • Sarah Greaney
    New Zealand

    You won't look back!

    Hi, I’m Sarah. Originally from the UK, I migrated to NZ in 1997 and have never looked back.

    Life throws us many challenges; how we cope depends on our view of the world and the various experiences we’ve had along the way. I will help you identify and overcome your limiting beliefs so you can change what you need to change and step confidently forward to living your best life.”

  • Guy Pope-Mayell
    Queenstown, New Zealand

    Simplicity on the far side of complexity

    Whether it’s the family journey, neurodiversity, or navigating business life – Guy knows that Neural Codingh® is the fast and effective way to make sense of it all so that you are free to design your future.

  • Elaine Thompson

    You are fearfully and wonderfully made…

    If you have lost your amazing, let me help you find it again.  Let me help you pass it on to your children.  Just reading this is your small beginning.

    “I’m dancing on the rising sun

    To the hopeful future, to the dreams to come”

    (Dante Bowe)

  • Alan Mclntyre
    New Zealand

    One Life and This Is It!

    I am a coach therapist working to help people get the life they want.  My ongoing mission is to assist people move easily and quickly from having what they don’t want to getting what they do want – by taking control of their own lives.

  • Kerstin Dunn

    Detox Your Neurology!

    Kerstin is an NLP Master Practitioner, Timeline Therapist and NLP Coach.
    She also is an acupuncturist and nutritionist.
    She works in her own clinic, first in Germany, now in Portugal. 
    Her passion is to help the mind and the body of her clients to heal itself and to live a happy fulfilled life.

  • Kerry Jones

    Trust the Process

    "All too often I have worked with young people whose childhood messages were not always
    positive. Knowing that this affects our neural pathways is a scientific truth and impacts for a lifetime,
    presenting in so many ways from limiting beliefs to sabotage thinking, ...

  • Shey Pope-Mayell

    Greetings One and All.

    There are few things in our single, precious lives as worthy of pursuit than excellence in all we do and I am very excited to help as many people, especially boys and young men, as I can to pursue just this.

  • Kate McKay
    New Zealand

    Restore balance

    Kate’s heartbeat for life is all about the environment in which we live – the outside and the inside. Always seeking balance and harmony. For Kate, her work is a natural extension, an easy step from personal journey to assisting others seeking change and personal growth.

  • Anna O´Keefe
    New Zealand

    Today is Day One

    I used to believe life was happening to me. Now I know it is happening for me, and I dress up and show up for all of it. Neural coding has helped me with chronic depression, parenting, relationships, struggles with neurodiversity and alcohol use disorder. Whatever your struggle, please reach out. You don't need to just survive. You deserve to thrive. 

  • Paula McFarlane
    New Zealand

    Go beyond your limits

    Are you ready to grow beyond your current limits?

    My passion is helping heart-centered business women awaken their inner guide, break life-long blocks, create lasting change  and feel truly free. 

    I genuinely want to help others share their unique music with the world.