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Congratulations! You have made it to us. the fact you are here. means that you are interested in making some changes to your neurology.You are probably curious how quickly change can happen and if it's possible for you and its good to be curious

We know that working one on one or engaging in training is not for everyone. Whether you are dipping your toe into the world of neural coding®, or need a refresher we have some things that may be perfect for you. Something to facilitate sleep or a book filled with neural coding® tools, there is something for all. This page is updated regularly and if you don't see what you need, pop a message or email through and we will see how we can help you achieve the outcome you are looking for

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Encouraging people to make positive change " Easily change habits and beliefs" "learn how you can engage the mind, create new rituals and wave limiting beliefs goodbye" ¨Change the entire culture of your business to maximise efficiency and profitability.¨ "Experience a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to living your life to the full"


This page is updated regularly with new products. Enjoy!

This Is It! It's Your Life, Live It Book - Digital

Are you looking for something a little different?  Have you bought self help books before and never really experienced any real change, or change that lasts?  If the answer is yes, you are in exactly the right place. "It’s no secret...

This Is It! It's Your Life, Live It Book - Print

This book is the kind of read that will resound with you, help you to see things clearer and give you the feeling that you are really changing your life.  It is your own virtual coach at your finger tips....

Your Sleep, Love It

Your Sleep Love It!

Your Sport, Play It

A Neuro Linguistic Course for Sporting Success

Bespoke Hypnosis

Amanda has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis and she will create and record your individual hypnosis track. You will have your own tailored recording, tuned to your needs and desired outcomes, whether this is to lose weight, stop smoking, gain confidence, achieve that personal best, you...