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I need Help


You have made it to us, we know from experience that procrastination and fear are the biggest drivers for preventing people to take action.

That is clearly not you. You are in the right place and we have the people with the tools to help you take action.

Neural Coding® is fast, effective and lasts. Our team has helped thousands of people remove limiting behaviours and feelings in as little as 3 sessions.

I Need it Deleting

These words are hard to say, yet saying them takes such courage. I have ...


If you have ever had anxiety then you will know how this can be one of the most unpleasant things to happen, you feel like you cannot breath, you can’t think straight and not knowing how long all this is going to last is very, very scary.


Do you sometimes feel that life is just too hard, that even getting up in the morning is too much of an effort? Then you have experienced some of the symptoms associated with depression.


If you wake up and notice that feeling of I must get going, so much to do and not enough time or feeling overwhelmed by the thought of work, targets, putting food on the table then know that this is stress.


Having a panic attack is something you will find hard to forget in a hurry, in fact the fear of having a another one, can become a panic attack in itself! We can help you to re-program the thinking that creates the attack.


This happens at all ages and in all walks of life. Online bullying is becoming more of a problem for both children and adults. We can help you or someone you know become in control.


As the world evolves the way business operates has changed dramatically. Sadly most business models are flawed in their operational design, culture is not No.1. This has devastating effects. Allow Dr Amanda to quickly and effectively resolve this, increasing productivity and profitability.