Do you sometimes feel that life is just too hard, that even getting up in the morning is too much of an effort? Ever just felt that you will never be enough and find it hard to talk about how you feel? Have you found it hard to work out what you are feeling and find it easier to be distracted by watching TV or sleeping? Then you have experienced some of the symptoms associated with depression. This does not mean you are depressed, it means that you can help yourself by having the tools to help you connect with your more resourceful self.

  • We can show you how to move quickly from feeling down to being productive and connected.
  • We can help you choose your state and not have it choose you.

What is depression?

In the 1950s depression was a rare disorder, however today this is a common term and medicated regularly. After the earth quake in Christchurch in NZ there was a dramatic increase in the number of people using anti-depressants, so much so that the prescribed drugs overtook that of Auckland with a much denser population. Why? Because it is a quick fix, yet the client can remain on the drugs for years.

We have helped people move away from medication with the help of their Doctor by teaching them how to use their mind more effectively and connecting with their resources to free them from the mind-set that is depression.

When you book a session with one of our coaches you will be asked to complete some information to help us plan your first session with us, please know that this is not an ongoing, week after week, month after month thing. We will help you feel more in control, understand what your triggers are and help you to help yourself for life. Simply take a look at our coaches and book who you would like to work with, all our coaches are of a very high caliber and abide by our governing bodies codes and ethics, so you are in safe, good hands.

Alan our coach in Invercargill helped a client with just this issue, Kate sent him this after his session with her;


 “Who would have believed it – certainly not me! A few short sessions with Alan have simply dissolved negative and lacking aspects of myself. My self-criticism, self-doubt, lack of self-esteem and self-confidence - leaving a far stronger and balanced me. I was so impressed with Alan’s quality of communication, clarity of thought and command of the NLP process that I not only recommend him to you for life and career coaching, but I enrolled in the next course myself!?"