If you have ever had anxiety then you will know how this can be one of the most unpleasant things to happen, you feel like you cannot breath, you feel out of control, you can’t think straight and not knowing how long all this is going to last is very, very scary.

  • We can help you if any of this sounds familiar.
  • We will give you strategies to allow you to take control.

What is anxiety?

It is an emotion of the future, it is impossible to get anxious about something that has already happened and will never happen again. Let’s think about this, if we get nervous thinking about something that has already happened then this we call worry but becoming nervous about something that has not happened yet, well then this is all in your mind, it is not real. So what is it that makes it feel so real to you?

So real it causes you to become breathless, not see straight, not be able to think, sometimes unable to speak, it can make you feel claustrophobic and just that awful out of control feeling.

When you book a session with one of our coaches they will take you through a life changing set of questions and techniques that will allow you to take control, this we can do in around three sessions. We are focused on you getting results quickly and have helped hundreds to do just that. Just click on our coaching section below and take a look at who you might like to work with.


Sarah worked with Alycia and helped her with her anxiety that was causing her to not play full out in her life.

“When I first met Sarah, I felt very comfortable and at ease. I was able to communicate without feeling awkward or silly. I had the most amazing experience with Sarah. I had been feeling so down in the dumps and after just one session with her I felt full of life, and confidence. I couldn't recommend this enough!!”