If you wake up and notice that feeling of I must get going, so much to do and not enough time or feeling overwhelmed by the thought of work, targets, paying the mortgage, putting food on the table then know that this is stress. When it is experienced frequently then it can make us weak, we don͛t have the power to focus, find solutions, think straight, instead we are just a spin heading one way, down. What we also need to look at is that too much can have a damaging effect on our health, let alone how it feels when stress is there in our body.

Stress can be channeled to be effective and productive with the right strategies.

Tapping into the hormones released in a stressful time can make you more productive used well.

What is stress? 

Let's understand one thing about stress, is has been necessary for us to survive, without it humankind would have not made it so far. It is our signal to move away, get out of the situation, change things quickly, it is an instant feedback sent to us by our hormones, a complex cocktail manufactured in our bodies to get us ready to act quickly.

Through the release of hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine, the caveman gained a rush of energy, which prepared him to either fight the tiger or run away. That heart pounding, fast breathing sensation is the adrenaline; as well as a boost of energy, it enables us to focus our attention so we can quickly respond to the situation.

We have all watched documentaries about the first world war and seen what people had to endure, what humans are capable of, it astounds us, yet this was possible partly due to stress.

When you book with one of our coaches, you will quickly learn how to create a calmer, more productive life. We will connect you with your inner strength, it has always been there, yet when stress is present all you can feel is that, yet when managed well it can be turned into an effective tool to make you feel calmer and much more productive

Amanda worked with a client in the UK who was so stressed she had to take medication to allow her to sleep, here's what May had to say.

"I am a 63 yr old woman who has had a change in lifestyle. I retired from a busy hairdressing profession with lots of people's input into my life. After one session of one and a half hours and two days later for one hour my thinking was changed around. I no longer need the medication and can cope with all that life sends me and 6 months after seeing Amanda, all is still well. Thank you again Amanda."