Having a panic attack is something you will find hard to forget in a hurry, in fact the fear of having a another one, can become a panic attack in itself! When this panic attack takes hold it is so debilitating that it leaves you exhausted, unable to focus, everything seems to be amplified, bigger, scarier than in real life. This in itself puts you in danger, running away from a wasp for fear of it stinging you, flying in an aircraft but being so tense and unable to breath puts an enormous strain on your nervous system and heart. Yet, if you have an attack in one environment such as an aircraft then the idea of flying again can just become too much. We have worked with clients who have not flown for years, not swum in open water for fear of their life, not wanted to go into a public building for fear of an earth quake, not travelled for fear of elevators and escalators. 

  • We know that your attacks are real and we can help you to re-program the thinking that creates the attack.
  • We will work with you quickly so in one session you can feel very different about the very thing that would cause an attack.

What is a panic attack?

To the person having the attack it feels like it is being done to them, yet actually this is running in their neurology, a little like a switch that is flicked when the person sees or hears a certain trigger. A bee, an aircraft, a certain noise, water or closed spaces, you get the picture. What is actually happening is the unconscious mind, the part of us that runs 90% of our thoughts, behaviours and actions thinks that by making us panic we will be safer, it’s a flight or fight response. It takes control so quickly that trying to consciously out think it is too slow. The panic attack runs, then as it gets more air time it gets more power, this can lead to the person not wanting to fly, go out, swim, travel, basically they can become disconnected with their life.

We have helped people overcome some pretty big stuff when it comes to panic attacks, we offered free sessions for people in Christchurch, helping them to live life normally again after such a disaster, in a drug free way.

When you book to work with one of our top notch coaches you have already stated your journey to living a calmer, free life. We will take your though the process that will allow your mind to re-program itself so that the very thing that caused the attack will have no hold, it will just be a normal thing in life again.


Terry Stevens in NZ came to Amanda with serious anxiety around flying, he had this for years. They worked together on one session of 60 minutes and this was his feedback.

"Well, I must say I was skeptical, you believed it would work, I was wrong, you were right, now I am a believer. Being able to fly for the first time without medication and relax at the same time was amazing. Thanks Amanda."