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Kerry Jones


Kerry's passion for empowering people to believe in themselves, has certainly influenced her
exciting and challenging career choices as a public health nurse and leader within the NHS.

"All too often I have worked with young people whose childhood messages were not always
positive. Knowing that this affects our neural pathways is a scientific truth and impacts for a lifetime,
presenting in so many ways from limiting beliefs to sabotage thinking, affecting relationships, self-
worth and what we believe we can achieve, or deserve in life. Our experiences in life can go on to
embed these pathways further. It was this, that led me to want to know more and complete the
ultimate transformation course, knowing that our neural coding can be changed. The power of the
unconscious mind is extraordinary, and that self-belief is the foundation for change."

She was awarded outstanding health professional for her services to the more vulnerable and often
marginalised young people by Bedfordshire’s community health service.

She is an experienced coach within the NHS and provided mentoring and restorative supervision to
NHS staff at individual and team level, enhancing organisational performance. Kerry is also a trained
facilitator and trauma informed practitioner, going onto complete a Master of Sciences specialising
in child and adolescent development. Kerry continues to practice part time as a nurse for young
people under 25, identifying and supporting unmet health or emotional wellbeing needs. She has
noticed a significant and concerning rise in young people presenting with anxiety following the

Kerry is also committed to supporting women through the perimenopause/ menopause which can be a time of challenge for so many. Hormonally driven changes presenting often as physical
symptoms, but it can be the emotional element that may cause a significant impact. Women that are
perhaps finding themselves beginning to lose confidence, or increased anxious thinking, and
generally starting to question their own abilities.

On a personal level Kerry has overcome some of life’s more challenging experiences and knows the meaning of having to dig deep and find resilience. She is privileged to have travelled and worked
internationally before becoming a mother to her lovely sons, who she went onto bring up as a lone
parent. She relocated to beautiful West Wales in 2020, to be married to “a true Welshman."

With gratitude, Kerry’s relationship with alcohol ended in 2006, she continues to share the message
of recovery and hope in another arena, supporting women who are committed to living a lifetime of

Email her at to organise this.


Board Accreditation


    • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
    • Certified NLP Coach
    • Certified Practitioner of NLP
    • Board Approved Coach
    • Child Centred Bereavement Training


Kerry can run sessions from her cosy office in Wales as well as via Zoom. She will send out questions via email for you to complete prior to your session with her.

As a mum of three, Bec understands that things can be tight when you have a family. Committed to supporting children to feel happier, she has a reduced rate for children under 10 years of age.

For the first face to face session you will need to allow 90 minutes, and 60 minutes for any subsequent sessions. A Zoom session will be around 60 minutes in total.

20 minute phone consultation (free)

60 minute session costs £130

90 minutes session costs £180

60 minute subsidised fee for children under 10 - £100

What others say

  • Bec's Testimonials from parents, carers and children. Behaviour at School and Setting Goals My 11 year old son seemed to have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and the behaviour to reflect this. It was hard to get him engaged in any activities as he always doubted himself. After just 4 sessions with Bec, he is now so positive, carefree and truly able to express himself. He has a newfound confidence and is now able to interact in a much more positive way with his peers, his teachers and his parents. And the biggest of all, he now believes in himself and has goals, dreams and aspirations that he verbalises everyday and is building habits to work towards them. It's very cool to see this transformation unfold, and I wholeheartedly recommend working with Bec to achieve this outco
    Louise. NZ.
  • From Anger to Control I have seen a big change in my behaviour because the rest of the week that I was at school for was very good behaviour wise. My mum has seen an improvement which is one of the things that I first wanted ( for people to trust me ) I also feel like I can trust myself a lot more now, and I hope to go to school and start it off well after half-term.
    Jake UK.
  • Releasing Negative Emotions Bec has been amazing in transforming my son. The NLP programme that Bec promotes has encouraged positive behaviour at home and school and lifted any negative emotions and feelings some children experience. I honestly can't thank her enough for the wonderful, almost instant transformation. Anyone who is thinking of trying this must, to believe how incredible it really is. Thank you.
    Rowan UK
  • Understanding Negative Feelings and Anger Bec, you have had a huge impact on our family. Our son benefitted so much from just 3 sessions with you. He understands his strong feelings more now, and has practical ways to manage them. You are nothing short of amazing!
    Emma UK
  • From Anxiety to Calm and Controlled Bec has helped my daughter with her anxiety. We did the sessions on Zoom which was great. Bec is so patient, calm and personable. My daughter has surprised us with her progress & change in attitude which in a few weeks has changed from no way can I do this, to yes I can try! As a parent I had tried talking to & reasoning with her but nothing I said made any difference to her anxiety. I really did not know how I could help her. Bec has helped and supported us so much and I would definitely recommend her.
    Amanda UK