Kerstin Dunn

Detox your neurology!

Kerstin Dunn


“I’ve realized over the last 20 years working with patients how important the state of mind is.
If the patient is in a good, healthy state, my acupuncture treatments worked much better, and the patient had much better and quicker results.
This brought me to NLP over 10 years ago and that opened a complete new world to me.”
In her acupuncture clinic she also gives recommendations on food, herbs and exercises for a detoxed, happy and healthy body.
Kerstin strongly believes that the mind rules the body and that every single thought influences every single cell in our body.
"People have never been more aware and conscious about their own problems and the interaction between mind and body and yet more and more people still struggle with life, physical and mental health and finding their way in life.”
Her neural coding sessions focus on finding the problem, deleting the problem on a neurological level and move on to solutions for the future.
It´s fast and it lasts.
Here are some examples of her neural coding sessions:

Delete limiting beliefs

Change your personal history

Reset negative emotions

Overcome anxiety


Board Accreditation


    • Master Practitioner of NLP
    • Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®
    • Certified NLP Coach
    • Certified acupuncturist


Kerstin offers a FREE 20 min zoom call if you have any questions or need more information.

She is based in the Algarve, Portugal and is available in person there or internationally online via video calls.

Prior to your first appointment you will receive a questionnaire. This gives Kerstin the chance to prepare your first session and to make sure you get the best result.

Online Neural Coding sessions:

Each session:      €125,-

Neural Coding is fast and it lasts.

What others say

  • Hi Kerstin, this message is to thank you for last weeks session. I am amazed by its effectiveness and hoe little time we needed to accomplish my goals, it seems my fears have lost their sharp edges. They do not bother me as much as they used to. Thank you once again, I feel like a new person.
    Wanda Faber
  • Before my neural coding sessions with Kerstin I was in a deep hole with lot of entanglements from past experiences from family and relationships. Then after my sessions, life is much more positive with a brighter future view.Thank you Kerstin for this great and sensitive support.
    Stefanie Weimer