Shey Pope-Mayell

Greetings one and all.

Shey Pope-Mayell


I am a New Zealand author, poet and language teacher based in Tōkyō, Japan.

I am a bi-lingual (English and French) Neural Coder® and TimeLine Therapy Practitioner. NLP is the study of excellence – one the highest goods we know.

There are few things in our single, precious lives more worthy of pursuit than excellence in all we do and I am very excited to help as many people, especially boys and young men, as I can to pursue just this. Our lives are narratives and even the best story-tellers need fine-tuning.

The Editor is here to help!

Allons-y, mes amis!


Board Accreditation


    • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
    • Certified NLP Coach
    • Certified Practitioner of NLP
    • Board Approved Coach
    • BA in English Literature and French - Victoria University of Wellington.
    • BA with Honours in English Literature - Victoria University of Wellington.
    • MA in English Literature - Victoria University of Wellington.
    • Level 5 Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) - The TEFL Academy.


Shey is able to see clients both online or face to face at his discreetly located office based in Tokyo Japan.

Sessions are 60 minutes ling

First appointment - 60 minutes: NZ$250

Subsequent appointments - 60 minutes: NZ$250 per hour

Sessions are 60 minutes $250 NZD

What others say

  • I have a sense of wholeness as a person, being comfortable in my own skin and as I said, not feeling scattered. It is as though all of the parts that I had left everywhere have been pulled back into alignment, but more so, back inside of me. It is a very strong sense that I'm all here and grounded. I feel that I am re-phrasing or reframing if you like the negative to the positive, as I talk with others and as I think.
    Shey Pope-Mayell
  • I got to a point of desperation with my anxiety and depression where every time I saw the surface I felt like I got pulled under again. After seeing Sarah three times, I feel like a whole new person. Thank you so much.
    Shey Pope-Mayell