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Sophie Plant

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What others say

  • Since my neural coding session with Sophie Plant, I do feel quite clear in my mind and more conscious of how I spend my time and feel in my body. I also feel a lot less tense in my body, which is hard to explain but feels nice! 

    I actually went to a breathwork session the day after my session and I really felt in tune with my body and super relaxed and content. I didn’t really find my mind wandering at all, which is rare. Although I’ve only had one neural coding session so far, I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely think it has helped 🙂

    Kate Law, Manchester
  • Sophie is a wonderful therapist, guide and coach. I have completed 4 sessions with Sophie with a focus on acceptance of myself and others. Myself and my partner have been trying for another baby for just over 2 years with 2 failed IVF attempts. The sessions with Sophie have helped me through a difficult time, releasing any unwanted beliefs about myself and our situation.

    Each session was positive and uplifting. Sophie is trusting and trustworthy, and this is what makes her therapy so effective. The tasks we did felt genuine and thorough. Sophie's verbal guidance is easy to follow and efficient. She always greets you with positivity which is encouraging. 

    I would definitely recommend NLP and TimeLine Therapy with Sophie. I got a lot out of it, with techniques I will use for a long time to come. I have been very positive and happy during a period of time where I might have felt quite the opposite.”

    Laura Bartram, Manchester, UK
  • After a taster session at one of Sophie’s retreats .I thought I would sign up for some 1:1 NLP with her.  I felt She had such a unique approach to mindset and reprogramming . In our sessions we used timeline therapy alongside programming techniques to help me with my confidence. I would really recommend Sophie she has been such a help.
    Lana Wildash, UK
  • Starting my sessions with Sophie, I was a bit apprehensive and unsure what to expect, however Neural Coding has been a very positive practice for me. I started the sessions thinking one thing and as we dived in deeper, uncovered another! It has given me the tools to lead my life with a healthier mental mind set. Neural Coding has been a real eye opener for me, I think everybody needs to try it! 

    Sophie is so knowledgeable and made me feel completely at ease with the whole process. Thank you for the support and as I said before I recommend that everybody tries it.

    Sophie Withington, Manchester, UK