Tara Maxwell


Tara Maxwell

New Zealand

This Capricorn businesswoman is the epitome of adapting to life’s challenges and transforming your life. She has owned a very successful, National award-winning Company for the last 10 years and spent her life upskilling to enhance both her business and personal life. Tara knows what it takes to work hard to be successful, but she also knows what our minds and bodies need to strive. She believes the key element is to discover what our Soul Life Vision and purpose is through spending time in the right space surrounded by the right people. 


Tara is writing a book about her journey from solo mum at the age of 25 to Millionaire at 54, how she learned to not only cope but prosper, how to be adaptive, practice self-care for resilience and also how to ground yourself to appreciate what was important to achieve in her life vision. Her motto is “Once you get your mind, your actions and your environment in the right place anything is achievable”.



Board Accreditation


    • NLP Practitioner
    • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
    • NLP Coach
    • Masters of Hypnotherapy
    • Feng Shui Consultant
    • Diploma in Business Studies endorsed Public Relations by Massey University.


The first consultation can be from 60 to 90 minutes, this allows for a productive start and any following sessions are for one hour.

Tara will send you a contract and some simple questions to complete prior to the session; this ensures you get the most out of your time together.

Tara can work from her work space and more commonly online via zoom or google meet.

90- minute Neural Coding® Session $225 NZD
60-minute Neural Coding® Session $150 NZD

What others say

  • "You’re an absolute angel and I am very grateful to have you in my life and supporting me. Thank you so much for your encouragement, awakening my inner voice and letting me find peace – I cannot express how much better I feel and what you have given me."
  • "I have been figuring out how to put it into words how amazing yesterday's session was and how grateful I am for you. Going into our session yesterday I was so excited, yet apprehensive because I thought I would have to really unpack and talk about my old inner voice in detail and as you could probably tell I had a hard time just trying to tell you about it and give examples. You holding space for me and helping reprogram my thoughts felt incredible, I 'awoke' feeling so light and bright, it really left me quite speechless. Afterwards I almost felt disbelief that my mind could be so free of a lifetime of carrying negativity towards myself, like how could it be so simple, just one hour of intention?! It was like magic, and then I turned around and thought to myself; our minds are magic, I can do or be anything I set my mind to. Since our session I haven't been inclined to think or feel a single thing other than love for myself and my body. I looked in the mirror this morning and smiled at myself, then started tearing up with joy because I cannot remember the last time I've done that! I am so ready for all the happiness I am capable of holding and quiet appreciation of myself. I want to thank you for guiding me towards love."
  • "I’m completely blown away by how one visit with you has changed so so much for me. I struggle a lot with anxiety and did not for one minute feel like I couldn’t talk to you about the things that were going on for me even though the “old” me would have been trembling with fear. I feel so blessed that you’ve come into my life at a time I really needed a boost to help me find myself as something other than just a mother. After our session I felt important. I don’t remember the last time I felt that. I’m so excited for what is coming for me. Thank you for helping me believe in myself and reminding me I am worthy and beautiful even if I don’t always feel it."
  • "I booked to see Tara for a series of 3 sessions, we’ve done 2 so far and I’m feeling huge benefits already. I love how Tara has gently guided me and my own thoughts to gently peel back the layers of emotion to bring a new sense of quiet to my life. The sense of calm is especially amazing to me. I was looking for help with intense levels of anxiety which had disrupted my sleep patterns for months. Working with Tara has empowered me to understand some causes and work to lessen the impact of anxiety. The process is so gentle and loving – it’s made me see my life through fresh eyes. I recommend you talk to Tara for a compassionate & non-judgmental session to improve your life and be the best you. Thanks so much Tara….."
  • “Hey there Tara. it was so great talking to you the other day. You brought out a revelation moment for me during our talk. It was the first time I had said out loud that moment I decided to swim and not sink. You are an inspirational lady and you bring out the best in me. Share that "calling" I say. You are a success in my eyes either way. Thanks and take care.”
  • “I originally went to see Tara as I was struggling with direction within my life, I really felt she would be able to give me clarity with her professional scope of practice and develop a path leading forward. I wasnt wrong I instantly found Tara to be a lovely warm caring lady with open communication. She has set about giving me skills for my mind and well being leading forward, which are resulting in a positive outlook for my future for which I am very grateful for. I look forward to working with Tara in the future and encourage others to as well, why not be the best you can in life.!”
  • "Hi Tara, I just want to say a big thank you for yesterday, I'm really grateful that I got to hear about you & have been able to meet & have a session with you. I'm excited to see where this journey may take me & the changes that possibly lie ahead. My day at work went by so quick thinking of little things I could do for 'my' time. Thank you again & I look forward to my next catch up with you."
  • “Tara, I must send you a big “Thank You” for your invaluable advice, support and encouragement that you offered as my mentor. I have put your advice and systems into place, which has given myself more confidence and control in running my business and helping it grow. You helped me to focus on what was important as well as offering the support I needed at that time. Thank you again – I think anyone who has the pleasure of meeting you and utilising your skills, advice and support will become a much better person – both professionally and personally speaking! “