How to be happy whenever you choose.

Happiness is all we want in life, it’s the main thing that our clients tell us they want to feel, to be happy and healthy.

The great news is that happiness is not something that just happens to you, it is a choice, even better, you can take simple steps to bring happiness into your life. Having more money is not one of them, so at a time when life is a little uncertain it is good to know that you can create happiness for you and those you love.

When we feel happy we are really feeling the ‘happiness’ hormones flooding our neurology, there are four of them, today we will look at the first two. It is important to know that without these hormones being present then the opposite happens, we can feel anxious, depressed, stressed and not sleep.

Here’s how to create the release of each of them into your system, a little like taking a pain killer if you have a headache, you choose to get rid of it, so you take action. Treat this as the same thing, if you want to feel happy then take action.

The first one is Dopamine creates motivation, helps you to learn, gives you pleasure. It gives you a feeling of determination to take action towards your goals.

And here’s how to access it; 

1. Meditate.
2. Write a to do list.
3. Set long term goals.
4. Eat foods rich in L-Tyrosine such as fish, chicken, tofu, cheese, beans, seeds, nuts and whole grains.
5. Exercise.
6. Get creative, write, paint or make music.

If meditation is something you fancy doing but are new to it, download my 14 minutes meditation audio, its free for you, normally sold on iTunes for $10.

Here’s the symptoms a person can experience when Dopamine is not present in the body;

1. Procrastination.
2. Low self esteem.
3. Lack of motivation.
4. Lack of focus.
5. Feeling anxious.
6. Feeling hopeless.
7. Mood swings.

The second happiness hormone if Oxytocin, known as the ‘cuddle or love hormone.’ This gives you a feeling of trust and allows you to build strong relationships and be able to maintain them, keep them healthy. Oxytocin allows bonding with others.

And here’s how to choose it;

1. Hugging (within your bubble).
2. Socialising.
3. Have a massage.
4. Listen to your favourite music.
5. Exercise.
6. Take a cold shower.
7. Meditate.

And if Oxytocin is not present then this is what could be experienced;

1. Feeling lonely.
2. Feeling stressed.
3. Lack of motivation.
4. Low energy and fatigue.
5. Disconnect from your relationships.
6. Feeling anxious and not sleeping.

It’s a no brainer right? Now you know you can choose happiness then by taking action you can flood your system with these awesome happy pills, like the pain killers but heaps more fun. Basically if you enjoy something and it brings a lightness to you, do more of it, it is actually the hormones you are feeling.