Three questions to ask yourself during Lockdown.

How to get the most out of your Lockdown with 3 simple questions to ask yourself each day.

So how’s your new ‘normal’ going?

You will have found your new routine and tweaked it, so it works better and ensures your bubbles needs are all met. It has become your new normal, right?

I celebrated my birthday last week with a new normal, I found it to be a great day, quiet, still, simple and memorable, usually we have a full day packed with people and plans, so it was very different, not better, just different.

Whether we realise this or not, we ask ourselves questions internally, our brains love questions and problem solving, however we have found that the quality of the question determines the quality of the answer, so a top tip is to avoid asking questions that start with WHY.

When we ask questions like, “Why is this happening?” “Why now?” “Why didn’t (insert name) do something earlier to prevent this?” These questions are about blame and in the past, they keep us stuck and will spiral your thinking into a negative downward flow, leaving you feeling lost, stuck and powerless.

Here’s a few to try instead, they will get you solution focused, you will feel more in control and be able to take action.

1.     Who am I checking in on and connecting (digitally) with today?

2.     What expectations of ‘normal’ am I letting go of today?

3.     When I look back on this what will I wish I had spent more time doing?

Another thought was inspired by a quote I saw on social media, posted by a friend of mine who is a nurse in ICU in a UK hospital, it basically said;

“If you were tested positive with COVID-19 and were asked where you had been for the last 10 days would you be proud or embarrassed by your response?”

A great question and very revealing, only you will know which side you fall on.

Yet, I have noticed comments that people I know well are posting what seems to be out of character, having a go at others, getting angry about people who may be breaking the rules and generally becoming police in their own right. We seem to have moved from the ‘wave and smile’ at each other to something very different. We have twin baby boys and walk them daily from our house, we have noticed the increase in cars and we can easily find ourselves mind-reading where they are going and it’s not to the supermarket or pharmacy, the truth is we have no idea really.

Let’s press STOP and be kind, smile, shout, “Hello how ya going?” Let’s help each other and remember this is tough for everyone, we all have our issues, some worse than others. I remind myself that there are families who cannot be together through the two most important events in life, a birth or a death.

We’ve got this, we are in this together, let’s be kind, it starts with us, each one of us.