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Elizabeth Regan

UK & Ireland

As an empowerment & peak performance coach, Elli is certified in Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) and Time Line™ Therapy. She has recently relocated back to Northern Ireland after over a decade living and working across the world.

Throughout her 15 years’ experience in the Wellness & Hospitality Industry worldwide, she has provided coaching and mentoring to large teams and individuals, with a focus on creating positive change in both personal development and business management.

Elli was introduced to NLP and Time Line™ Therapy 6 years ago during her boxing career, whilst preparing to compete in the New Zealand Nationals. Working with Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland, the tools and resources which she engaged during this time, resulted in achieving the Silver medal at NZ Nationals 2013 through her ultimate belief change. Since then she has applied the same processes in business, whilst travelling the world launching new concepts, designs and developing impressive dynamic teams.

As an ambassador for wellbeing, conscious living and positivity, Elli has created North Coast Wellness Co., her own integrated wellness brand which connects the elements of mind, body and soul, within the dimensions of business, fitness and personal life.

She is also a Personal Trainer, RT24 HIIT Instructor, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner, and has recently completed her Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Foundation qualification. She challenges her personal development continuously, constantly learning and adding new resources to her toolbox, to offer the best possible tailored solutions for her clients, meeting their needs in creative ways.

As a Wellness & Change Consultant, Elli works both locally and internationally offering:

  • Innovative Wellness Solutions for pre-opening, rebranding & established hotels, resorts & retreats (partial online & in person).
  • Wellness Audits (in person).
  • Business DNA Bespoke Package: DNA is a molecule that contains instructions that an organism needs to develop, live and reproduce. This four-week business mentoring package does exactly that, looking holistically at development, operation and growth. Elli has over a decade of experience, knowledge and passion for the Wellness and hospitality industry (online & in person).
  • Empowerment Coaching Packages: Perfect for individuals and teams, from the sports arena to the office, this coaching allows you to unlock your potential, reconnect with your ‘why’, and build momentum to continue to build success (online & in person).
  • Team Building Session: This is a bespoke session, tailored exactly to your group needs and requirements. Going much deeper than surface layer, this session will be fun yet explorative for the individual and the team (in person).
  • Dream Big Little One: Sessions designed specifically for kids and teens to increase confidence, overcome anxiety and improve communication skills (online & in person).
  • Limitless Performance Pack: (in person) Time to get your head & muscles into gear! Getting ready for a competition, a race or an endurance challenge? This is the pack for you! An integrated package for the MIND & BODY including: - Workbook. - 30 minute Meditation for controlling emotions. - 30 minute Meditation for sleep. - 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage. - 60 minute Energy Balancing session. - 90 minute Mindset session with goal setting & time line therapy to allow you to already step into the moment you achieve your success!
  • Relentless Training for Mind & Body: (in person) As a Personal Trainer, Elli delivers RT24 HIIT & Functional Resistance Training which is a no-nonsense, science-based, results driven, and measurable training system. RT24 works on a very simple training philosophy: to achieve your fitness goals you need to train as HARD as you can for as LONG as you can while maintaining GOOD FORM and the right MINDSET.

Board Accreditation


  • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of NLP
  • Board Approved Coach
  • Personal Trainer & RT24 HIIT Instructor
  • BSc Geography
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management


  • Elli offers a FREE 20 minute DISCOVERY CALL via zoom, so email her right now at elli@yourlifeliveit.com and take advantage of this introduction call and understand the different options you will have immediately.
  • She is currently based on North Coast of Ireland where she is available for sessions in person. Please allow 90 minutes for your first consultation and 60 minutes for any followup sessions thereafter.
  • Elli is available via zoom on an international scale. Please allow 60 minutes for all Skype sessions.
  • Prior to your appointment date, Elli will send out some questions to complete before your first session with her. This will allow you to prepare for your consultation and also for Elli's preparation to assist you in benefiting 100% from the session.
  • Packages:
    • Business DNA Pack Prices Vary
    • Limitless Performance Pack GBP199
    • Empowerment Coaching GBP150 +
    • Dream Big Little One GBP110

What others say

I have silently struggled with the relationship with my son for a while now. As he grew older we seemed to be clashing more and more and I hated feeling like an inadequate mother. I had told myself too many times that it was just a personality clash but it couldn't go on. I came across Elizabeth on this website and made the brave step to rid myself of this angst once and for all. And I am so pleased that I did. Elizabeth worked with me on a phenomenal process that allowed me to understand the reason behind my behavior and feelings towards my son, and suddenly everything made complete sense. Elizabeth was so gentle and caring during the session, despite my tears, she made me feel completely at ease. I came out of the session feeling lighter, happier, and like I couldn't wait to see him as the new me. Since the session I have felt so much calmer and I have an understanding that i never had before which allows me to take a step back and deal with things in a much less confrontational way. From here, we have grown closer and closer and I just cannot thank Elizabeth enough. From just one session she made such an impact. I just wish I had done it sooner. Elizabeth, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Elizabeth Regan
My life is completely transformed. Elizabeth has facilitated me through uncovering the inner phoenix within me, liberating me from limitations that I had in my life that do not serve me. Initially, I chose to reach out to Elli to be my coach because I have felt an unbelievable amount of compassionate presence from her, an incredible amount of experience, and an overall sense of passion for what she does in her life. The mindset coach is currently helping me with multiple techniques, including NLP, timeline therapy, and goal setting, which is a huge game-changer with reaching my potential in musical performance, yoga teaching, and launching a green business in Washington DC. Based on my experience, her practice is unique, special, and outstanding, because she interweaves intuition, spirituality, and yogic practices, with high-end, practical coaching approaches - the YinYang of personal growth is how I would describe it. I would summarize this experience in this way: I started off with one month, now I am thinking one year. If you are reading this, mark my words, Elli will skyrocket you to your potential when you are ready for it." Ariel - New York
Elizabeth Regan
I have known Elli for many years, working together in stunning Queenstown. She has always been a mentor and inspiration to me so when I decided to start my own business there was no one else that I would trust to coach and support me.‬
Elizabeth Regan
She has been truly amazing, her knowledge is incredible and her personal touch and care is beautiful. She is patient yet kept me on track and has shown me the professional way !‬
Elizabeth Regan
Without her my brand would be looking and performing very differently! ‬ ‭I can not thank her enough and cant recommend her highly enough." Steph - New Zealand
Elizabeth Regan