Linda McIntyre

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Linda McIntyre

New Zealand

People find me engaging, intuitive and easy to relate to. Being a great listener, I am passionate in coaching people to make positive changes.

As a nurse I have extensive experience in providing care to people – especially to those with mental health and emotional issues. My earlier work experience has included success in real estate and fashion retail sales, and owning my own contract cleaning company.

Searching for a better way of helping people at a more personal level, led me to Your Life Live It. This was exactly what I was looking for and I completed their training, and this provided me with the tools I needed to work as an effective coach.

My personal life experiences include loss, grief, depression and physical abuse, and this has led me to believe that I have the capacity to help others. I want to work with anyone who is struggling with similar life issues to better understand that you are not alone, and you can have the life you want.

I am available on 021 057 5512, email, Facebook and Skype


Board Accreditation


  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner
  • Diploma of Enrolled Nursing


I work from a comfortable office and training centre located at 70 Victoria Avenue in Invercargill, New Zealand.

'Your Life Live It' abides by INLPTA, ICF, ICI, APROCEP, ABNLP and the New Zealand Association of NLP code of ethics, meaning peace of mind with total confidentiality at all times.

The first consultation is generally for 90 minutes. Any further sessions are for one hour.

For coaching services I will send you a contract and some client history questions to complete prior to the first session. This ensures you get the most out of our time together. Skype, Zoom or phone sessions can also be arranged.

Your coaching Investment: All prices are in $NZ and include tax

90 minute session $150
60 minute session $100 (3-pack $300)
6 session "Breakthrough"
Some issues are resolved in one session
Most are dealt with within 3 sessions
Some may take up to 6 sessions
I will recommend the most effective option for you

NLP usually has immediate impact and 2 to 3 sessions may be all that is needed for you to achieve the changes required. Take a look at the client testimonials.

If you wish to book a Breakthrough session, this is a 6 hour period usually over 2 days. This will allow us to ensure you get the breakthroughs, clear any negatives from your past and create your empowering future.

You can be assured that you will feel comfortable, be listened to and after your first consultation will leave with a positive change, that will take you towards your overall positive outcome.

What others say

"I have had issues with self-worth for most my life. Having discussed this with a friend, she told me about Linda who had helped her with a similar problem.


I had an appointment with Linda and we worked on a belief change. This produced a significant shift in how I viewed myself. I was astounded by how quickly this process worked. And it has continued to work since then. Thank you Linda, this has had a major impact on my feelings about myself and my new found confidence is evident to my friends and family. I am happy to recommend you to others".
Lynn B:
"After experiencing a period of depression and other negative emotions, I made an appointment with Linda to see if she could help me. She ran several processes with me including something called Timeline. The effect was very surprising and I immediately noticed a lift in my mood. I left the session feeling much better than I had felt for some time and the change has been lasting. Well done Linda".
Campbell G:
"I had become very anxious and hated going out of my house, even to go to work. I had heard of Linda through a very close friend and decided to contact her and book a session to see if she could help me. After a very tearful first session I found myself feeling comfortable in her presence and a whole lot less anxious and worried.


Since that session with Linda I have found that I am able to face my fears and I am a lot stronger. Thanks Linda".
Julie C: