Shey Pope-Mayell

Greetings one and all.

Shey Pope-Mayell


Greetings one and all! My name is Shey and I am a New Zealand author, poet and language teacher based in Tōkyō, Japan. I am delighted to be joining the YourLifeLiveIt team as a multi-lingual (English, French and, one day, when the music turns into words, Japanese) Neurocoder and TimeLine Therapy Practitioner. NLP is the study of excellence – one the highest goods we know. There are few things in our single, precious lives as worthy of pursuit than excellence in all we do and I am very excited to help as many people, especially boys and young men, as I can to pursue just this. A million thanks to Amanda and Sarah, without whose friendship and guidance I would have written neither this nor indeed many other things. And to my new colleagues, 

Allons-y, mes amis!


Board Accreditation


  • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of NLP
  • Board Approved Coach


  • Shey is able to see clients both online or face to face at her discreetly located office based in Tokyo Japan.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes ling
  • First appointment - 60 minutes: NZ$250
  • Subsequent appointments - 60 minutes: NZ$250 per hour
  • What others say

    I have a sense of wholeness as a person, being comfortable in my own skin and as I said, not feeling scattered. It is as though all of the parts that I had left everywhere have been pulled back into alignment, but more so, back inside of me. It is a very strong sense that I'm all here and grounded. I feel that I am re-phrasing or reframing if you like the negative to the positive, as I talk with others and as I think.
    Shey Pope-Mayell
    I got to a point of desperation with my anxiety and depression where every time I saw the surface I felt like I got pulled under again. After seeing Sarah three times, I feel like a whole new person. Thank you so much.
    Shey Pope-Mayell